The Essential Apps for Party Planning

Pinterest is possibly the greatest resource out there to find inspiration for DIY projects and party planning. By typing a few keywords, you’ll encounter the most creative ideas shared on the internet. Brainstorming is easy, but it’s the rest of the party planning process that is a little more difficult.

Playing host and feeding the ones we love is something that you might enjoy, but you can’t deny the amount of effort it requires. We need all the help we can get, even when it comes to seemingly small details like invitations. And this is where our smartphones come in handy.

Because of all the amazing things that our phones can do these days, our gadgets have transformed into digital assistants that help us out in carrying out everyday tasks. While games may still rank as the number one download type for iOS users, with gaming apps ranging from vintage reboots that have begun trending again to mobile versions of casino classics, the lifestyle category has been named one of the top five most popular in the app store—so whether it’s style advice or event planning assistance that we need, our smartphones will always be at our service.

Here are three apps that every party planner needs:

ap 1Fête
These days, we’re all about digital invitations, but there’s always the issue that you don’t have someone’s email or one of your friends deactivated their Facebook account. Thankfully, you’ll be able coordinate with all your guests with this one app that sends invites through text. You can also group contacts into one chat so you can discuss details of the party and take polls. Fête also tracks your guest list and sends reminders to attendees.


ap 2Punchbowl
You may be hosting the party, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t contribute to the festivities. Punchbowl is another invitation app that includes a list of food or drinks needed for the party. This is especially helpful for potlucks and BYO type affairs, and it avoids anyone doubling up on meals or beverages.



ap 3Hello Vino
Planning on a fancier soiree that involves wine? While there are an assortment of canapés and hors d’oeuvres that you can serve at an evening affair, it’s always better to match the flavors of your food with the taste notes of your wine selection. With Hello Vino, you don’t have to be a wine sommelier to find out what whites go with your miniature pizzas. If you’d rather build a menu based on what you have in stock, you can snap a photo of the wine label to learn more about the undertones and discover great food pairings.

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  1. mkcasey80 says:

    I am glad to see you posting again! You have such great ideas. I took a little break myself. I look forward to seeing more posts!



    1. Thank you so much! I took a little hiatus to launch another blog idea, but found my heart is, and always will be, in party planning. Thanks again for visiting and the encouragement 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the comprehensive list!


  3. juliableck says:

    How cool! I throw parties a lot and I’m excited to try these apps!


  4. skysiesav says:

    I’m just starting out making a blog and I am so lost lol I love what I see on your blog page 😀

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