Being involved in party planning is an exciting experience as you are always on the lookout for new, original ideas that could wow your guests, put a smile on their face and give them a story to remember.  I’ve mentioned my love for adding an element of creativity and a touch of fancy to my parties. Often, it is not enough relying just on your imagination but you also need help in terms of props and resources that would help you go that extra mile, and this too depends on the budget you are working with.

For example, what if you’re thinking of creating party invitations with your family’s initials or a personal note for each guest? Maybe you want to organize a table seating plan so that each of your guest gets a handmade present or a card with their own name? What if you prepare a special feast where you serve homemade dishes and beverages; wouldn’t it be nice to have your guests taste your wine or homebrewed beer from a specially designed bottle?

Let’s imagine you wanted to proceed with some of these ideas – the next step would be calculating the costs of designing and ordering invitations, name tags, gift wrapping, beverage labeling… Going back on the budget story, you would probably give up at wine and beer labeling, if not sooner. Well, that was before you heard about Labeley – online tool for creating all sorts of labels, stickers and tags for household management, kids items, home breweries, small business and more. Exactly what you need to fully personalize your party favors and make your event shine.

Although an online tool, Labeley is a powerful and professional solution for creating and printing custom made labels. Moreover, it lets you be in charge of the label and sticker making process from the very start. Let’s see some of its main features:

  • Large database of pre-designed graphics, fonts, colors and frames to help you get inspired with your creation
  • No account necessary – you don’t need to sign up in order to use Labeley, only in cases when you want to save your design for later use
  • Ordering professionally printed labels via Labeley or printing them straight on your home printer
  • Upload your own photos and existing image designs

Using Labeley is quite simple too:

1. Click on the Start Designing button
2. Choose the labels category depending on your project (beer, wine, kids, general)

Labeley - Choose a label design
3. Designing is fun and easy; add text, graphics, borders until you fully personalize your label

Labeley - Design
4. Complete your order or save your newly designed label for later use

Labeley is currently organizing its first official giveaway on Facebook where winners will be able to get 30 professionally printed labels of their own design. It is a perfect chance to try out Labeley and secure yourself with unique and fun labels for your upcoming party.

As always, thank you for visiting the pARTy planning.  I’d love to hear your ideas for using Labeley!  Sound off below.

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